Ameer Al Oud (Prince of Oudh) Black Intense eau de perfume By Al Mas CO.Saudia Arabia-100ML saffron, wood, amber, and vanilla notes

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  • Ameer Al Oud Prince of Oudh Black Intense perfume is crafted with a concentration of agarwood and oriental spices, creating a distinctive and long-lasting scent of saffron, wood, amber, and vanilla. This elegant perfume bottle is perfect for giving as a gift or wearing to a formal gathering.
  • This is an exquisite and refined fragrance that boasts a powerful intensity and enduring aroma. It exudes a sense of assurance and refinement, making it a perfect choice for nighttime events. The scent comprises saffron, wood, amber, and vanilla notes
  • It can be sprayed directly on clothes, it does not leave any marks on it.
  • It consists of an elegant bottle and an attractive packaging, suitable for gifting your loved ones.