Oud Al-Sheikh (Oudh of the Elders) eau de parfum forMen spray 100ML Musk, Cambodian Oudh and leatherwood By Almas co. Saudia Arabia

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  • The essential scent for everyone looking for exceptional uniqueness. Ingredients in the fragrance: cardamom, bergamot, and smoked wood
  • An elegant fragrance with oriental notes. It is characterized by being an attractive perfume suitable for all occasions. It consists of musk, Cambodian oud and leatherwood.
  • Oud Al-Sheikh is a luxurious, oriental fragrance perfect for any occasion. Its sophisticated blend of musk, Cambodian oud and leatherwood provides an elegant, alluring scent. Experience the timeless sophistication of Oud Al-Sheikh.
  • High stability that lasts with you for a long time.
  • It can be sprayed directly on clothes, it does not leave any marks on it.