Anta Omri (You are my life) Incense bakhoor A Captivating Journey of Luxury - 30g by Almas Perfumes,Eastern Oils, Oud, Saffron, and Sandalwood Slow-Burning with a Lasting Scent All Day Long

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Categories: OUD INCENSE
  • Anta Omri by Almas Perfumes is a unique 30g incense bakhoor with a captivating journey of luxury. Its slow-burning composition provides all-day lasting fragrance, creating a perfect atmosphere without the need to reapply. Enjoy the perfect balance of luxury and fragrance with Anta Omri.
  • Spread the spirit of Oud and luxury in yourself and around the place through natural incense consisting of a mixture of Oriental Oils, Oud, Saffron and Sandalwood. Incense with a distinctive oriental character.
  • The incense chips burn slowly over the charcoal to increase the effectiveness of the incense spread.
  • The effectiveness of incense lasts a long time on clothes or the place where it is placed.
  • Distinguished for formal and friendly occasions.
  • Suitable for personal use, events, receiving guests and the workplace.
  • Preserved with carefully polished glass and an elegant lid.