The Legend of Oud: Astorat Aloud Incense Bakhoor-40g by Almas Perfumes - Embrace the Enchanting Allure of Oud

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For people who have a penchant for expensive oud scents, The Legend of Oud incense was especially created. This wonderful incense is a perfect fusion of scents made from natural, aged oud, musk, sandalwood, and lavender.
The Oud Legend has the following noteworthy qualities:
Incense smoke is released from the tiny incense chips, filling the space with its enticing aroma.
It is appropriate for people of all ages and can be utilized on a variety of occasions.
The incense's aroma lingers all day, bringing sophistication and elegance to your surroundings.
It adds a bit of distinctiveness to any event and is ideal for formal and informal gatherings.
The incense is kept in a substantial glass bowl that has been meticulously cleaned and has a distinctive lid.