Incense Bakhoor Ruh Al-Oud (The Soul of Oud)-40G Positive Vibes, Slow to Burn, Scent Lasts All Day Long to Surround Yourself in Opulence By Almas co.

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  • Envelop Yourself in Opulence: Discover the Exquisite Oriental Fusion of Natural Incense with Oriental Oils, Oud, Saffron, and Sandalwood
  • Oudh chips burn slowly to spread the sweet scent and feel throughout the house
  • The effectiveness of incense lasts a long time on clothes or the place where it is placed
  • It has a luxurious scent that evokes the spirit of luxury and elegance.
  • Suitable for personal use, events, receiving guests and the workplace.
  • Preserved with carefully polished glass and an elegant lid.