Doraena concentrate perfume oil 25 ML Musk and Sandalwood with jasmine flower

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10x last long and Experience a unique blend of Spices, Oriental flowers, Sandalwood and Musk with our luxurious concentrated perfume oil. Its power and character will set you apart from the rest and give you the pride and confidence you desire.

 it Refreshing fragrance for the soul and spirit to the highest level.

A luxurious blend that provides a strong and distinguished sensation. High longevity that stays with you for a long duration. A potent scent that radiates around you. Safe for use, causing no allergies or harm. Suitable for formal occasions.

Specifications of Doraena Blend: Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia. Category: Men and Women. Size: 25 ml. Type: Oud Perfume Oil. Dispenser Type: Roll-on."