Incense Bakhoor Al.Qasoor (Palace Aroma Incense) 40G by Almas Perfumes, Royal Smell, Slow to Burn, Scent Lasts All Day Long

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Create an atmosphere of distinction with this luxuriously scented agarwood diffuser. Light the chips and let the rich aroma gently fill the room, adding a sense of grandeur and elegance. Carefully polished glass and a polished lid make this diffuser suitable for personal use, special occasions, and even the workplace. Enjoy the lingering scent of incense and have a regally scented day.

Small sticks of incense are sufficient to spread the fragrant aroma. Suitable for all ages and occasions. The incense's scent lingers throughout your day, adding magnificence and elegance. Distinctive for formal and everyday events. Safely stored in carefully polished thick glass with a unique lid.

Specifications of AL Qasoor Incense: Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia.

Category: Men and Women.

Size: 40 grams.

Type: Incense."