Qasr Alshuyukh Fabric Spray by ALMAS: Luxurious Air Freshener for an Enchanting Home Experience 16.9Fl. Oz.480ML by ALMAS

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Qasr Alshuyukh fabric spray air freshener is nature's perfect combination of fragrances. This powerful odor eliminator is made with natural Taif Rose, Oud, and Musk extracts for a long-lasting home fragrance that will fill your space with pleasant, invigorating aromas. Make your home a more inviting place with this luxurious and naturally-sourced air freshener.

Experience the luxury of Qasr Alshuyukh, an air freshener and fabric spray made with safe, natural materials from Saudi Arabia. This unisex mist offers a powerful 480 ml of home fragrance, perfect for freshening up linens, eliminating odors, and minimizing allergens. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Qasr Alshuyukh is suitable for both home and office use.

Remember, shake before use and opening the side lock before using and locking it after use ensures proper functionality