Rooh Al Oud (Spirit of Oudh) eau de Parfum by Jean Antoine 100ML Long Lasting And Addictive Personal EDP Spray Fragrance

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Experience the captivating aroma of Princes, a saudian and Emirati oriental fragrance. Its scent is enchanting and is traditionally used in Emirati, Saudi Arabian hospitality rituals and the palaces of sheikhs. Enjoy a unique exotic fragrance, perfect for all occasions.

Jean Antoine's Rooh Al Oud is a luxurious, long-lasting eau de parfum designed for both men and women. Its mix of saffron, pink pepper, lavender, jasmine, Indian oud, clary sage, musk, patchouli and leather creates an unforgettable scent with strong sillage that lasts up to two days. From Saudi Arabia, this scent is perfect for any occasion.