Saher Al kalmat Air freshner and Fabric spray Unstopables Touch Fabric Refresher Spray, Odor Fighter for Strong Odor, Fresh & Paradise,480 ML,16.9FL.OZ BY ALMAS

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An enchanting home fragrance that harnesses the power of nature and a magical concentration to rid your home of any unpleasant odors. It diffuses alluring scents, thanks to its natural components of Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose, Amber, Oud Wood, and Oriental Oils.

The Saher Al Kalmat Air Freshener and Fabric Spray offers a natural solution to deodorizing and neutralizing home odors. The non-toxic, non-GMO, and non-hazardous mist instantly eliminates odors, while its lever-style spray system makes it simple and easy to use. The odor-fighter is great for strong odors from pets and other sources, and perfect for freshening shoes, closets, furniture, backpacks, and more. Get fresh, odor-free air with Saher Al Kalmat.

Remember, shake before use and opening the side lock before using and locking it after use ensures proper functionality