THE KING INTENSE Eau DE Perfume by Jean Antoine 100ML Scent of Youthful Elegance

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The King Strong fragrance
a modern, formal scent that is infused with love and tenderness for all situations. It has an opulent perfume that fills the air with a lovely impact and intrigue.

Ingredients in strong fragrances:
Bergamot, cardamom, and cinnamon are the top notes.
Patchouli and sandalwood are the heart notes.
Tobacco and vetiver are the base notes.

Perfume Introduction: This perfume smells like a combination of juicy grapefruit, sweet mandarins (yummy oranges), tangy lemons, and lavender flowers.

In the middle, it has a mix of spicy cinnamon, black pepper, tall pine trees, almond sweets, cardamom spice, and the scent of something called tonka beans.

At the base, it's like a blend of tobacco, amber, musk, green grass, something called labdanum, woody spruce, and patchouli (a type of plant)."
Characteristics of the king's strong scent:
a scent that revitalizes the environment and exudes luxury and elegance
It comes in a classy bottle with lovely packaging that is appropriate for giving to loved ones.
Long-lasting perfume has a beautiful aroma.
A classy scent for the modern man
It may be used directly on clothing, so there are no marks left behind.
continuous aroma, natural