Bakhoor Ateeq Antique Incense - 40G by Almas Perfumes: Authentic Oriental Scent, Slow-Burning, Long-Lasting Fragrance for All-Day Pleasure

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Create an atmosphere that is inviting and luxurious with our incense. Made with the finest quality materials and stored in a glass jar with a polished lid, this incense lingers and will fill your home or workplace with a pleasant, elegant scent. Perfect for personal use, special occasions, or welcoming guests.

Small incense sticks capable of diffusing a fragrant aroma, suitable for all ages and occasions. The scent of the incense lingers throughout your day, enhancing its magnificence and elegance. Ideal for both formal and everyday events. Encased in carefully polished thick glass with a distinctive lid.

Specifications of ATEEQ Incense: Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia. Category: Men and Women. Size: 40 grams. Type: Incense."