VICTOR OUD unisex Eau de Parfum 100ML By Almas co. wood, leather, Cardamom, Sweets and cedar wood

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Victor Oud scent
With a unique oriental scent that exudes elegance and appeal and captures the mood of those around you, capture their attention. Its blend of real oud sticks makes it the scent you can rely on for all formal and social situations.

Perfume Victor Oud's ingredients include:
Top notes: wood and leather.
Cardamom, Aromantic is the scent's heart note.
Amber Sweets and cedar wood make up the perfume foundation.

Victor Oud's perfume has the following qualities: It is a sophisticated and alluring aroma.
It is enclosed in meticulously polished glass with a chic cap that makes the spraying procedure easier.
The beautiful fragrance of perfume lingers throughout the remainder of the day; it exudes class, richness, and admiration.
Both personal and professional use